Work experience


September 2011 — Present time

Cranleigh Dental Centre — Cranleigh, Surrey.

Dental Nurse/ Receptionist. Part time / Full time.


April 2006 – July 2011.

The Specialist Dental Practice – Guildford, Surrey.

Dental Nurse / Receptionist. Part time/Full time.


September 2010 – January 2011.

Haslemere Dental Centre — Haslemere, Surrey.

Dental nurse. Part time. TempDent Nurse.



Temp Dent Nurse.

As a Locum Dental Nurse assisted at:


Basic duties:

October 2005 — December 2005.

Birtley House Nursing Home. – Bramley, Guildford, Surrey.

Care Assistant.

Duties: providing a help and care for elderly people with medical conditions; daily bathing, feeding, changing clothes, assisting the nurse during manipulations.
Gave up position due to finishing off exams in Ukrainian University.


Work experience in Ukraine:

March 1994 — September 1994

Odessa City Hospital №10 – Odessa, Ukraine.

Abdominal Surgery Department. Operating Nurse.


June 1996 – June 2005

Odessa Regional Hospital – Odessa, Ukraine.

Neurosurgery Department.


23 June 1996 – 1 November 1996. Ward Nurse.

Basic duties carried out: assessing, planing, prioritizing, implementing and evaluating nursing interventions to meet patients’ needs; preparing equipment, applying and changing dressings, monitoring patients; intravenous and intramuscular injections; facilitating patients to take an active role in care given.


September1996 – 1 November 1996.

Specialized extension courses for medical personnel on the basis of Odessa Regional Hospital (Ukraine).

Specialization – Clinical Nurse in Anaesthesiology Area.


1 November 1996 – June 2000. Anaesthetist Nurse.

June 2000 – May 2001. Anaesthetist’s Assistant.

Basic duties carried out: anamnesis collection; preparing patients for narcosis or sedation; anaesthetizing patients during neurosurgical operations under supervision of senior anaesthetist; supervising and monitoring post operative patients in the Intensive Therapy Department; sedating patients for minor operations and investigation procedures such as bronchoscopy, laparocenthesis, angiography, tracheotomy, gastro probe, etc.


June 2001 – July 2005. Anaesthetist.

Duties: supervising patients during their treatment within the Neurosurgery Department whether it is required, providing an adequate  help and care: anaesthetizing and sedation during operations and investigations; haemotransfusions, peripheral and central veins catheterization; urethra catheterization; gastro probe; tracheotomy; carrying out patients’ Medical History Forms and other medical documentation according to the policy of hospital and Ministry of HealthCare in Ukraine.

Gave up position due to immigrating to the UK.